Songs from the Black Hole, draft 1

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This is a transcription of the 1st draft of the aborted concept album Songs from the Black Hole, as it is presented in the book The Pinkerton Diaries.



Scene I One night, after his rock show in L.A., he gets stumbling drunk w buddies, argue about how to seduce a chick and eventually all score Jonas w a sexy mama named Maria. Maria [she does crystal meth + he leaves tired] sings about her love for him and her secret.
Scene II The next day he feels awful and confesses his love to Laura. She asks them why do you run w the others? They argue, him trying to convince her. Will you marry me? She does love him too. Maria comes in, Jonas treats her terribly, tries to kick her out She eventually screams that she's pregnant with his child. Now Jonas knows that he loves Laura, but she won't have him. No!


Scene I Jonas pines what have I done? His friends come in and can't relate, tell him good news about ??? and sings Getchoo. He begs and pleads and does everything he can to get her back, but she stands strong. He resolves to take her with him spiritually. He leaves and she wonders if her morality is good, because she loves him so and it keeps her from him.
Scene II Jonas sings "No Other One" and goes to Maria with flowers, planning to be a good husband and father. Sings devotion + waltzes with her but then sees Don + Juan in his underwear at her door. Don explains that nothing is sacred, it's every man for himself. Maria freaks out knowing that she's lost him. Jonas is wild with rage, giving into nihilism he says he's leaving and will never see any of them again. At the peak of his anger, Laura's voice is heard, reminding him to be ??? of his baby, and to be a man with her original tune. He joins her singing I will remember. I will resolve to make the best of my circumstance. He ends up with nothing, but in the void his set of morals come into existence. He finds his path and it is alone. Last song called the black hole.

It is the year 2125. Los Angeles has a thriving underground music scene. The Spacedogs are finishing up their set at the Black Hole. Outside, the patrons travel-pods can be seen parked.



SCENE I In the Black Hole
Jonas: I'm so sorry Wuan and Dondó
I sang really bad tonight you know
I'm off to the corner of the room I don't wanna face another living soul
Tell me when you wanna go, Wuan and Dondó

Dondó: No way! That was a good one man.
Wuan: Yeah, we really rocked 'em hard tonight
Dondó: For that I deserve another shot of the stuff I was doing 'fore I went on stage
Wuan: Or at least a pretty girl. So whaddaya say, Jonas?
Dondó: There's Maria and her little sister
Betcha won't have to work to hard to take her home
Jonas: I don't know if I wanna lead on a woman, you know, I've done that before
She's actually a good girl
underneath it all.
D Hah! A good girl!
Does a good girl jerk you in the back
of a taxi pod?
Or lift her skirt for you
in the aerolifter?
Js I suppose not But, she really likes me.
D You should take her in the bathroom now
Tell her to remove her clothes
And when you're finished
Make her scrub
Cuz that's what a bitch is for
J No! No! You've got it all wrong, my friend
No girl would go for that
Pour a glass of wine
Make her think that you car
Then slip it to her ████████
Both Whichver way you choose
Hurry there's no time to lose
The bar closes at two
and Maria you must do
Cuz that's what a bitch is for
(walking up)
Who you callin' bitch?
Jonas Oh Maria, they don't mean it
Don't listen to them
Maria They make me so mad
And you do nothing
nothing to stop them
Jonas Please, Maria, they mean nothing
Now you must chill out
Maria Especially That Dondó
He acts like he knows that ████████
I despise him. I despise him. I despise him.
Oh Jonas, I miss you
Nobody else loves me like you do
Oh I'm alone Oh Jonas I love you nobody else, nobody else loves me, loves me like you
Js Please remember I'm only a friend
Maria A friend who fucks me?
Js You're too crazy to settle down with
Maria Then why lead me on
Js I don't love you but I can't help myself
Maria I'll make you love me
Js Please, Maria, It won't ever be
Maria I'll make you love me
Js It won't ever be
Maria Love ~ me
come to my car pod
there's no one there, we'll be alone
we can talk
and if you want to we'll get stoned
and relax
have some fun
in my pod
Js + Maria in (my) your pod
no one knows the things we do
we'll get high
and if you want to we'll sniff glue
and relax
have some fun
in your pod
Mra Now that we're left alone
touch me and kiss me and
love me!

INSTRUMENTAL (starts w Maria's theme in minor?) from p ->f ends w some theme from "Tired"

Js Ohhhh!!!! No,
This is not for me
I feel so empty
I'm filled with remorse
I've got to leave you
Mra No, don't go
You'll feel ok in the morning
Js Maria I'm red with shame
There's no one to blame but myself feedback
I know what is right
But I do what is wrong
<feedback into TIRED O SEX> this theme is Jonas shame and emerging morality
Mra Oh Jonas, I miss you JONAS I'm tired, so tired
Nobody else loves me like you do I'm tired of having sex
Oh Jonas, If you knew I'm spread so thin
what I know I don't know who I am
you wouldn't be so quick Monday night, I'm makin' Jen
to discard Maria Tuesday night I'm makin' Gwen
Wednesday night I'm making Catherine
oh why can't I be makin' love come true
I'm beat, beet red
Ashamed of what I said
I'm sorry, here I go
I know I'm a sinner but I can't say no
Thursday night I'm makin' Denise
Friday night I'm makin' Sharise
Saturday night I'm makin' Louise
Oh why can't I be makin love come true
Tonight, I'm down on my knees, tonight I'm beggin' you please
Tonight, tonight, please oh why can't I be makin' love come true
SCENE I Outside Laural's House
Jonas: Oh, I am living all wrong (just acoustic serenade?)
deceiving this girl
leading her on
I, tell her one thing
Yet do something else
I can't help myself
She set's me on fire
parallel minor But I know someone else the fire is bad
Someone purer by far it blinds my senses
I know what is sensible But she lures me in
parallel major I know what is right
I know someone else
purer by far
She lives all alone
doesn't go out
she sits home and reads
or does her homework
parallel minor Oh she's totally broke but
she'll make a good mom
She'll make a good wife
relative major Will you marry me, Laural?
Laural: No, I won't marry you!
You silly boy
playing with me
I've seen you running around
with all the girls
leading them on
like a rock star!
Oh, you're living all wrong
deceiving yourself
You don't belong
upon your stage
Jonas: No, I'm smarter than that
I've changed my ways
Stopped chasing that dream
I'm ready to be a man
and change overnight
Give you my hand
So you can lead me
Laurel: Jonas, I do like you
A section
but different
melody →
probably too much
for my own good
But I'm no fool
I'm no slave
to my emotions
I have control
Jonas" Laural yes, it's true
I've changed my ways
I'm ready for you
Laural, do something crazy
Let's get married
I'll get a job
Let's have a family
(from outside
behind pod)
Oh Jonas, I hear you
I know that you're in there with Laural
Jonas: Maria!
(at the door)
Oh Jonas, please hear me
I need to tell you something. Now open, open the door
(opens the door)
Oh, damn! Maria
How did you find me here?
Maria: I've something to say Jonas: Some other time!
Let me talk to you
Jonas: How did you find me?
Maria: I saw your pod
Jonas: You followed me
Maria: Coincidence.
Jonas: You psycho bitch
Laural: Please watch your tongue
Jonas: She followed me
Maria: I swear I didn't
Jonas: Then whaddaya want
Maria: I want to speak to you
Jonas: get outta my life
Maria: You're such a creep
Laural: The both of you!
Maria: He's such a creep
Jonas: You're such a freak
Following me wherever I go don't be so cruel
Telling me you need to talk to me I do, I do
When all along you have nothing to say I'll say it then
# Breaking into tears at the slightest provocation There's a reason for my tears
and then you wonder why I won't have you
You're psycho! You're psycho!
↓½ Maria I've had it up to here I've kept this secret from you
True, you may be a good f* Cuz I didn't want to lose you
But how could I tell my mom that my wife does crystal ████? Now you leave me no choice but to
I've found someone steady and pure tell you. I'm having your
Get out you psycho bitch get out get out! baby!
You're what? I'm having your baby!
Maria: Oh Jonas, I've told you
Now you know why I've been crazy
Jonas: Maria, I'm sorry
(shuts door) Oh, she's a liar You're the liar
She's just trying to trap me God forgive you
Maria is nothing to me Maria is all that you've got
Laural you're all that I want Maybe you could have had me
Maybe you thought I was joking before Maybe you could have had me
But now you must know that I'm not if you'd grown up a little bit sooner
Now I know for sure and thought about your life
I've changed my ways but it's too late
I'm ready for you You're much too late
I'll cut my hair pathetic man
I'll get a job despicable man
I'll quit the band too late


Jonas: Boy, I've really done it this time
Now I finally see
what it is I want
and I want it so
with all my heart
I sacrificed it all
for the momentary pleasures
I should have
I should have
Now I finally see
what it is I want
and I want it so
with all my heart
Wuan: Dude! Dude! Dude!
Dondó: Dude!
Jonas: What!
W + D: Dude!
Jonas: What!
Wuan: Good news! Good news! Good news!
Jonas: What!
W + D: Dude!
Wuan: a record company—
Dondó: a guy from a record company—
Wuan: he says he likes our shit—
Dondó: he gave us his business card—
W + D: Dude!
Jonas: What does this mean!
It means we're gonna be stars!
It means we're gonna be rich!
Dude! ...etc.
Boy, I've really done it this time
Now I finally see
what it is I want
and I want it with all my heart.
I want it with all my heart
This is beginning to hurt
this is beginning to be serious
it used to be a game, now it's a cryin' shame
cuz you don't wanna play around no more

turns out there's no goal there to be accomplished. Turns out they were just guinea pigs being filmed the whole time. Thanks for participation. There are 5 light speed transporters that will bring them back but they realize that with Maria's baby there are now 6. Jonas volunteers to be stranded. He sings longtime sunshine as the transporters take off and the star supernovas.

Goodbye friends
Goodbye my girl
I close my eyes as you fly away

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