Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks

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"Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded June 25, 1993
Length 2:37
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 164
Producer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 163)
"Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks"
(RC# 164)
"Buddy Holly"
(RC# 165)

"Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks" is a song by Rivers Cuomo.


  • Released online


"Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks" was recorded by Rivers Cuomo and longtime friend Adam Orth on June 25, 1993, the day Weezer was signed to Geffen.[1] Throughout the song, Cuomo sings with a thick accent, imitating the blind souvenir vendor (Ian McNeice) from the 1984 film Top Secret![2] An MP3 recording of the song was leaked by Cuomo to fans online in the early 2000s.



Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks
Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks

Come and get your dog poo
Or your trick gum
Careful when you grab it
It might snap your thumb
Look at all the goodies I've got here today
Come and fool your friends with a can of bug spray

Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks
Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks

I will sell you vomit or X-ray specs
Look and see the girlies without having sex
Come and see the goodies that I have today
You might even run into the Mel Tormé

Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks

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