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Stinkerton cover
Tribute album by various
Released November 15, 2018
Format digital
Label Beach Cat Records

Stinkerton is a lost tribute album featuring covers of Weezer songs by various artists, published by Beach Cat Records. It was released on November 15, 2018, on Bandcamp, but was taken down from the website at some point for unknown reasons. Although the album's information is archived on the Wayback machine, the actual tracks are not, making the album lost to time.


No. TitleArtist Length
1. "El Scorcho"  Ferret Bueller 3:53
2. "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here"  PT Loser 4:11
3. "Butterfly"  Tunnel Songs 2:21
4. "Jamie"  Like A Pop Song 3:59
5. "King of the World"  Pleasant Accidents 3:21
6. "No Other One"  American Goner 3:41
7. "Buddy Holly"  The New Adventure 2:49
8. "Surf Wax America"  WHAT IS THIS NOISE!?! 5:28
9. "Across The Sea"  Trust Fund Kids 4:15
10. "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"  Chunky Barista 3:50
11. "Say It Ain't So"  Gas Station Rebate 4:05
12. "Don't Let Go"  Something About Ghosts 2:36
13. "I've Had It Up To Here"  Andrew Johnston 3:02
14. "Why Bother"  Whettman Chelmets 4:03
15. "My Name Is Jonas"  light blue lines 3:05