Sweet on You

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"Sweet on You"
Demo by The Relationship
Length 2:39
Label none
Writer(s) Brian Bell, Nate Shaw
Status Demo circulating

"Sweet on You" is a demo by The Relationship.


"Sweet on You" was written by Brian Bell and Nate Shaw. According to Bell in a 2009 interview, the song was the first the pair wrote together as The Relationship. The song was recorded by Weezer as an "office demo" in November of 2003 in consideration for what would become the band's fifth album. A demo of the song by The Relationship was released to the band's MySpace page, but did not appear on an album.


Baby, I'm sweet on you
You're the candy for my sugar tooth
The surprise inside
The queen of the hive
Baby, you're the end of the blues

I'm sweet on...
Sweet on you

Baby, I'm not a stalker
And maybe I'm no William Faulkner
You're the sing in my song
The right without wrongs
So what I'm sayin' shouldn't be a shocker

I'm sweet on...
Sweet on you

Oh, when I saw your face
Lost my sense of time and place
Found out who I am
When I'm with you I'm a better man

Baby, I'm sweet on you
You got me acting like a nincompooop
I'll give you my heart
You can tear it apart
That's okay 'cuz I'm sweet on you

I'm sweet on...
Sweet on you

Ok, let's give it to 'em, right now!

I'm sweet on...
Sweet on you

If gray skies leave you cold
I'll be there for you to hold
You're the morning shine
And I want summer all the time

Sweet on you (Surprise inside)
Sweet on you (Queen of the hive)
Sweet on you (Singin' my song)
Sweet on you (Right without wrong)
Sweet on you (I'll give you my heart)
Sweet on you

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