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Doing some fiddling around. If you redirect any image to [[File:Featured image MONTH YEAR]] (no file type at the end), that image will appear in this template. It would, in theory, allow a user to "pick" the featured image without needing to know how to embed an image or do much wiki editing at all - they just:

  1. create the page [[File:Featured image MONTH YEAR]] (no file type at the end)
  2. Type #REDIRECT [[their file name]] (with a file type, of course - this is an actual image on the wiki) - type that into the page and save it.

A more seasoned editor can format the rest, which I've just made a named template version for (which I think makes templates like 10,000 times more user-friendly. See below:

{{Featured image code draft|caption=test test caption caption caption caption.|author=Photo by: Julie Kramer|date=[[January 1]], [[1994]]|gallery=Rivers Cuomo|size=500px}}

test test caption caption caption caption.
Photo by: Julie Kramer
January 1, 1994

See more from the Rivers Cuomo gallery

Other benefits

  • It really streamlines the "recording" of featured images. At the time of making this, Gallery:Featured images looks like this:
==Previous Featured Images==
Links below images include caption and attribution information that accompanied the photo on our Main Page.
Image:Featured image May 2022|[[Weezerpedia:Featured image May 2022|May 2022]]
Image:Featured image April 2022|[[Weezerpedia:Featured image April 2022|April 2022]]
Image:Brian 1.JPG|[https://www.weezerpedia.com/w/index.php?title=Weezerpedia:Featured_image&oldid=89906 March 2, 2022]
Image:Karlscorner-20030201.jpg|[https://www.weezerpedia.com/w/index.php?title=Weezerpedia:Featured_image&oldid=89277 February 3, 2022]
Image:Karlscorner-20011106-e.jpg|[https://www.weezerpedia.com/w/index.php?title=Weezerpedia:Featured_image&oldid=87755 January 1, 2022]

The top two were plopped in there super easily. In theory, we could literally just type the whole year out ahead of ourselves and this gallery would populated itself as we went along.