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That Dog concert: 07/13/2019
Tour 2019 reunion dates
Venue The Smell
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date July 13, 2019
Supporting acts Graham Coxon (Blur)
Debuts "If You Just Didn't Do It"
Guests Alison Crutchfield (backing vocals), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin), Cliff Walsh (guitar)
That Dog live show chronology
07/13/2019 - Los Angeles, CA (early show) 07/13/2019 - Los Angeles, CA (late show) 11/16/2019 - Los Angeles, CA (The Regent)

That Dog performed at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA on July 13, 2019. Graham Coxon of Blur opened the show. The show marked the 25th anniversary of the release of the band's debut self-titled record. This was the second of two shows the band played that night.


No. Title
1. "Old Timer"    
2. "Jump"    
3. "Raina" (Performed with original lyrics)  
4. "You Are Here"    
5. "Just Like Me"    
6. "She"    
7. "Angel"    
8. "Westside Angst"    
9. "She Looks At Me"    
10. "Punk Rock Girl"    
11. "Zodiac"    
12. "Family Functions"    
13. "Paid Programming"    
14. "This Boy"    


No. Title
15. "Grunge Couple"    
16. "If You Just Didn’t Do It"    
17. "He’s Kissing Christian"    
18. "Minneapolis"    



All photos by S. Lo for Buzzbands.LA.

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