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The Blue Album (Jenn Champion album)

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The Blue Album
The Blue Album cover
Tribute album by Jenn Champion
Released 2019
Format vinyl
Genre Alternative rock
Length 39:50
Label Turntable Kitchen

The Blue Album is a Weezer tribute album released by Jenn Champion in 2019. It includes a cover of every song from Weezer (The Blue Album), done in an electronic, dance-pop style. It was sold as a 12" record, with two extra color variants (blue translucent and blue/black split).


No. Title Length
1. "My Name Is Jonas"   3:40
2. "No One Else"   3:19
3. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"   4:19
4. "Buddy Holly"   3:39
5. "Undone - The Sweater Song"   3:56
6. "Surf Wax America"   4:07
7. "Say It Ain't So"   4:14
8. "In the Garage"   4:02
9. "Holiday"   4:01
10. "Only in Dreams"   4:33
Total length:

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