We Have a Technical

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"We Have a Technical"
We Have a Technical cover
Album track by Matt Sharp & Damon Albarn
Released June 10, 1997
Format digital
Length 3:20
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Gary Numan
Status officially released

"We Have a Technical" is a song written by Gary Numan of the English new wave band Tubeway Army. Originally an outtake from the sessions for the band's second album, Replicas (1979), the song was released as a bonus track on that album's 1997 reissue. Matt Sharp (of Weezer and the Rentals) and Damon Albarn (of Blur) covered the song in 1997 for the Gary Numan tribute album, Random.


BH: How did the song "We Have a Technical" with Damon from Blur come about?

Matt: That was a long time ago. While we were doing the Weezer shows in Europe for the first record, we used to open the shows with an instrumental Gary Newman [sic] song. And this guy who put the compilation together was at one of the shows and he asked me about it. He later became a fan of The Rentals and asked me if we'd do it. The Rentals couldn't do it because everyone was split up all over the place. So while I was in England, I called Damon to see if he would come down and do it with me. We're old friends from tour.

Matt Sharp interview by buddyhead.com, 1999



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