Weezer ...on Acid

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Weezer ...on Acid
Weezer ...on Acid cover
Tribute album by Nmesh
Released March 1, 2001
Genre Remix, Drone, Plunderphonics
Length 25:07

Weezer ...on Acid is a 2001 remix EP by Nmesh. It features 4 songs from Weezer (The Blue Album) remixed in various manners.


Weezer ...on Acid is one of the very first electronic projects of Alex Koenig, released on March 1, 2001, before the Nmesh project fully took form.[1] A limited number of CD copies were created (likely only 10-15), however most went unsold upon release.[2]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "My Name Is Jonas (My Name Is Alex)"   4:42
2. "Undone - The Sweater Song (Redone)"   3:55
3. "Say It Ain't So (Ambient Version)"   12:04
4. "In the Garage (Storage Nmix)"   4:26
Total length:


CD Release


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