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Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops (system operators), are Weezerpedia editors trusted with access to restricted technical features ("tools"). For example, administrators can protect, delete and restore pages, move pages over redirects, hide and delete page revisions, and block other editors.

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers; they are not acting as employees of Weezerpedia. They are never required to use their tools, and must never use them to gain an advantage in a dispute in which they are involved.

Weezerpedia has 11 administrators as of May 19, 2024. There are four "Bureaucrats" on Weezerpedia, who possess more editing capabilities than normal administrators.

Becoming an administrator

To become a Weezerpedia administrator, an editor must show a particular dedication to the site's success. In other words, edit a lot! Instead of just making a move, make lots of moves! If any editor is certain that he/she wants to be an administrator, contact one of the current administrators and ask permission.

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