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An Article Attack! is when we choose a single article and all work on it until it's at a high standard and beefed with content.

We are currently attacking: The Rentals

Past Article Attack recaps

  • The Rentals
  • Homie and American Girls
    • September 29, 2008Ohjonas went into the Homie page and emerged two hours later with the page gasping for life and beefed to it's seams. Complete with show dates, analysis, theories and track listings, the new Homie page is the ultimate source of Homie information. He then set his sights on "American Girls", which quickly and easily surrendered to the merciless beef.
  • Song Infoboxes
    • September 18, 2008City After Six was given an early ticket into Weezerpedia and has hunted down and given an info box to hundreds of songs in just a matter of days. It's tough work to do those info boxes, but someone's gotta do it. A huge "congratulations!" to City After Six for devoting so much time to the necessary foundation of Weezerpedia!
  • The Green Album
    • September 4, 2008Ohjonas went through the old super chrono and reconstructed a very beefy and highly detailed page for the Green Album. Along the way, he created pages for dates that were important during the recording.
  • Goat Punishment
    • August 12, 2008Ohjonas created, from scratch, a page for Weezer's alter ego, including track lists from live gigs and the first ever large, high quality Goat Punishment artwork to hit the net.
  • Rivers Cuomo's equipment
  • Say It Ain't So
    • August 9, 2008Ohjonas single-handedly took on the massive challenge of beefing the page about Weezer's third single. Within a matter of hours he wrestled the beast to the ground, filling the article with detailed song history, lyrics, lyric meanings, music video description, and personnel, increasing the article size by nearly 5000 bytes of quality information.

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