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dylan (HMC): @Karlophone Do you have any insight on names of Weezer tours? The way we've got them listed right now is kind of a mess. This is the list as it currently exists on Weezerpedia:


One in particular that I've been wondering about: there's a letter from Rivers from one of the Weezines where he calls the 1994 tour the "Global Domination" tour, but we've got a page for a "World Domination Tour" that covers all of 1995 and I can't find any source online that corroborates that name. Was it ever actually called that, or did someone pull that out of their ass? If it's real, does that name encompass the whole year or was it just one of the European legs?

Karl: Hey this is a good one, thanks - well, i think the "Global Domination" tour name was Rivers being facetious, back when our touring felt anything but global and definitely not dominant (1994, even after Buddy Holly hit late in the year). The "World Domination Tour" was in fact what we called the whole 1995 tour cycle, even though the name was also somewhat of a joke then too. There was the notion that now things were "big time", though it was pretty low budget even then, in the big picture. Ill look at the page and see if anything else clicks for me.

Oh and also the original weezer.net listed the tour as "World Domination Tour" based solely on contact with Mykel & Carli who had heard it from us. So it sort of became "canon" very early on online (1995-6ish). But theres no posters that explicitly say it, as far as i recall...? But it might be listed in some of the '95 tourbooks. Ill have to look.

January 30, 2022 1:19 PM (#karl-admin)
This message is included in the March 2022 section as it is the only notable message proceeding the time period.

Burnst Jamp: @Moony B Karl used to own and then LOST a copy of Cuatro

Moony B: WHAT
@Karlophone hi Karl, do you have a picture of the cautro[sic] cassette? I have never seen one

Karl: I didnt lose it. well, maybe i didnt know where i had it stored for a while. i have all my Ozma stuff. ill get a pic here

i believe it was originally Mykel and Carli's copy actually

March 19, 2022 7:46 AM (#media-general)

alice.band: KARL


Karl: ha! i wish. But the look those guys had in the new photo is actually very much like what I envisioned for the "Dope Nose" video, long ago. I had a treatment, had bought and rented some props, had a set carpenter friend working for free with a plan, and a free location. At the last minute the label decided to go "high budget" and use Marcos Siega again. My plan would have cost about $1000 and in my opinion would have been a lot more entertaining lol

March 19, 2022 8:59 AM (#media-general)

deckra: @Karlophone, whatever happened to the third karlophone release? an unnamed third release has been listed as "coming in 2014" on karlophone.com for years, but obviously, nothing has come of it. was it scrapped, or is it still a work in progress?

Karl: not scrapped, but no significant work has been accomplished since about 2016. I have a lot of material but it all needs lots of work to be finished. I will finish it and release it in the coming year(s). Going to be moving house this year, so once im set up in the new place, ill be able to get things fired up again. thanks for asking!!!

March 22, 2022 6:10 PM (#karlification)

Joel-G: Cool stuff @Karlophone but do you have one of these?

Karl: hell no! i have the various AG cassettes but no "merch"

March 22, 2022 7:20 PM (#media-general)

Joel-G: If anyone is interested I got it off a guy named Adam Marsland who was involved in the early 90s LA music scene and friends with Rivers

Karl: Ive gone on hikes with that guy (long ago). He wrote a column for Hollywood glam metal rag "Rock City News" and later morphed, had several power pop/alt type bands. While i do wish RC had kept that shirt (im sure he does too in a way), its great it made its way to a fan. Its museum worthy and i mean that seriously.

March 22, 2022 7:22 PM (#media-general)

Burnst Jamp: I have to imagine Joel's got a good handful of CDs that even Karl's missing

Joel-G: And cassettes!

Karl: sweet! is that the 11/92 demo? A rare one with "custom" j-card (they didnt have j-cards). Typed by either Matt or RC

Joel-G: I got it from a record store in LA that said they acquired a collection from and A&R guy for 4AD and said Rivers and I think Pat handed it to him

Karl: that sounds exactly right. The "special" copies were dolled up and passed/sent to A&R types. Who then mostly forgot about them and 25 years later they end up in piles of old stuff taken to record stores for a few bucks of store credit

March 22, 2022 7:26 PM (#media-general)

Joel-G: Other side if anyone cares

Karl: Green sticker - second run of the 3 runs!

March 22, 2022 7:31 PM (#media-general)

Burnst Jamp: Key Karl, since you're here. I've recently been researching your old band with Pat Finn, Skraper. Do you still have any of those demos?

Karl: I have everything. Contemplating a limited release one day. Significant archaeology required first.

March 22, 2022 7:35 PM (#media-general)

Moony B: Hey Karl when's karlophone 7 the karling?

greg: more importantly where is sfs 2

Karl: were thinking about a vinyl release of FFTTUOS minus the flawed tracks and adding the newer stuff to make a nice round record.

greg: is crap of a lifetime flawed? (please say no)

Karl: oh hell no, thats the lead single (in certain countries anyway)

March 22, 2022 7:39 PM (#media-general)

Burnst Jamp: Oh man, I forgot about Dad Eye. Karl, why'd Dad Eye get removed from the Amorphous store? That's been a mystery for a while now

Karl: hmm... i dont remember.. likely the rupture of Organic Mechanic meant Pat didnt want to support his ex band mates projects. Unless im totally forgetting what actually happened.

March 22, 2022 7:43 PM (#media-general)

Burnst Jamp: While we're posting rare CDs. Do you know about this weird Mexican version of Six Hits Karl? It's hard to come by, and uses the art from Troublemaker Remixes/that one manga from 2008

Karl: haha i know about it... but i forget if i managed to take one from one of the reps in Mexico City

March 22, 2022 7:47 PM (#media-general)

Joel-G: Is the pink bubble Rivers story true?

Karl: need reminds about what is this


Karl: i mean its such a realistic sounding story, i can see why there is confusion.... NO

March 22, 2022 7:52 PM (#media-general)

greg: why did lion and the witch get a mobile fidelity pressing instead of maladroit

theangel: My favorite theory is someone got told to do "the first six Weezer albums" and accidentally counted LATW instead of Red. It's limited to 2,000 because that was the break even point for them or something.

Karl: at the time Maladroit LP was well stocked in stores (or so they were told), and Lion/Witch had no vinyl at all

March 22, 2022 7:53 PM (#media-general)

Moony B: OH! Another another question, Karl what have your interactions been with Weezerian? (Indonesian Weezer fan band group thing idk I still need to write the weezerpedia page on them)

Karl: very little since werewere there, but Hasief is in the WFC and hes a long time contact/fan/bro, glad he's around

March 22, 2022 8:02 PM (#media-general)

Black Sessions

Burnst Jamp: Oooh, another good question. Karl, what can you tell us about The Black Sessions? The old collector's discog you ran says there was a radio promo that existed, but I've never found any Black Sessions promo (weezer or otherwise), only the bootlegs. Are you certain one existed, or should that be chalked up to rumor/false memory?

Karl: i remember i think Matt or Brian had the original version, back when it came out that year (95?), now, its possble the original Black Sessions series was "unauthorized"? but it seemed like the French people were saying they release them all as promos somehow. Then there was a later "pressing" that was apparently a "bootleg" but it was likely by the same French company. Beyond that i dont know offhand. I believe i have the second version, and was mad i didnt have the original. or maybe i do?

March 22, 2022 8:06 PM (#media-general)

Moony B: Just wanted to be serious for a second and say thank you so much for the cassette pictures, I know Dan is gonna be stoked about that First Strike EP tape last time I asked about it he said he didn't even have one! As for a question, how's Elliot Timbit been doing?

Karl: i wasnt aware it was called the First Strike EP lol. And Elliott is doing great. Hes 9(!?!?!?!?) years old now, and still holding it down in the hyper-cute, blankets, treats and occasional bursts of craziness departments.

March 23, 2022 4:27 AM (#karlification)

drewski (cardigan disaster): I’ve been interested in hearing the Blue album preproduction demo of Getting Up and Leaving with Jason Cropper on guitar (especially since it’s just about my favorite Weezer song). Is there any chance that recording will resurface one day?

Karl: this is a general response to all "will __ ever be released" questions: i dont know. id be happy to curate releases that include stuff like this, but there is rarely enough interest from the band/management, and thats who i must convince. I recently pushed for something i know would be beloved by the hardcore fans, but was unable to get any traction. That said - with weezer, never say never is the rule. Just look at the demo dump-athon that RC did, after decades of his seeming non-interest.

March 23, 2022 4:31 AM (#karlification)

TONTY BLAIR: Hey Karl, I've always wondered, are there any videos of the band recording stuff post-EWBAITE? Or like, working on studio or stuff. Like I know they sometimes get individual days to record but I would love to know if there's videos of like, the OKH sessions for example.

Karl: overall theres not a lot. I know Suzy has shot some stuff for fun. But these sessions are spread out over time and places, theyre not usually solid blocks, so ive not been around for the vast majority. Anything i am at, you know cameras are rolling.

March 23, 2022 7:05 PM (#karlification)

theangel: Are we aware of what Weezer recordings were lost in the 2008 Universal fire?

Karl: i dont have a 100% definitive answer, but i think we determined that everything was stored at a different (non LA) facility. In fact much of what was lost was destined to go that way too, once it had been properly documented and organized.

March 23, 2022 7:06 PM (#karlification)

Burnst Jamp: Less of a Karlification question and more of a general Karl question: Will we ever get updated images of the Weezer vault? CDs, vinyls, tapes, promotional items, and all? We have an old low resolution pic from the early 00's (taken off Karl's Corner, I believe?), but that's sorely out of date and also hard to see the detail in. The extent of your collection is currently left only up to legend. I gotta know what you've really got....

Bonus question: Were there ever any official CD copies of Excellent Stocking Stuffer? Or only a digital release

Karl: i have a notion to do a book that would include highlights from the vault as well as stories and such. sort of a karl omnibus. like weezine 17 but way way bigger. in the meantime ill see if i cant share a few more photos. it didnt occur to me how little was out there.

Excellent Stocking Stuffer meaning the rentals thing? I thought that was originally a cassette or cd but made in tiny quantity. it went digital from fan effort. never properly released.

March 23, 2022 7:09 PM (#karlification)

King Tom: Karl, were there ever any Pinkerton tapes (or tapes for any other sessions) lost by FedEx, or am I getting that confused with the shipping company losing Rivers' gear after recording Blue?

Karl: yes, i had a massive shipping envelope chock full of cassettes at Geffen Records the day me and Rivers had to fly to Europe to start that tour (aug '96) and the secretary promised to have it sent to my home. It never arrived. probably about 40 cassettes each with several daily rough mixes of what had been worked on that day in the studio, several weeks' worth. The secretary was absolutely on point for us so i know she didnt screw it up, it was a USPS fail.

March 24, 2022 6:41 PM (#karlification)

BrokenBeatenDown: Is there anything that you could share related to the post-Make Believe recording history? For example, it would be great to document Red album recording sessions.

Karl: i have pretty good data, notes and first hand knowledge of Red, and Raditude. not much on Hurley (but i could piece it together). Very good EWBAITE stuff, and spotty info post EWBAITE (but again, it could be pieced together somewhat). These are high priority for me personally, i'm mad the Rec Hist got away from me. Same for equipment.

March 24, 2022 6:43 PM (#karlification)

MoonyB: Are we allowed to put scans of the weezine omnibus's (omnibusi?) on weezerpedia? I bought a copy to do so only for A. My printer scanner not being nearly large enough to scan one page, and B. the admins thought you/Alec wouldn't want scans of something your selling just on weezerpedia. (ps the deluxe omnibus says that Ozma wasn't formed when Dan and Jose were at the Weezer Bonding day, when in fact Ozma had just formed in September of 1995, months, weeks, or possibly just days before that event happened (pps you also say that Ozma hadn't played any shows before the Pasadena meet up when in fact they had played three shows including a high school talent show which they won))

Karl: Its a source of information so i cant say its bad to use it as such. But i would not like to see a page thats just omnibus contents all laid out. Thats contrary to the spirit of the book. But if you needed a scan from it here and there to tell a story youre working on, to make a page on the wiki better, that makes sense.

March 24, 2022 6:47 PM (#karlification)

drewski (cardigan disaster): It seems like there's a lot of unfilled gaps and confusion when it comes to the origins of The Black Album. Rivers initially mentioned in 2016 that he was writing songs and putting them into a folder for a Black Album produced by Jake Sinclair, and after spreading some information on the album's overall sound, it appeared the project was suddenly put on hold for Pacific Daydream.

Upon the release of Pacific Daydream, Rivers had mentioned that the Black Album was just about complete and would have a release date of May 2018. Additionally, track titles such as "Runner-Up" and "Cardigan Disaster" were shared during interviews. Ultimately, it appears that the version of the album was scrapped after the success from Africa.

Were all three of these "Black album's" related and/or reworked from one another? The current rumor seems to be that the Black Album with Midnight and Runner-Up was scrapped and tracks were restructured onto the release we have now.

Karl: this is the kind of mystery that we will all have to team up on to solve. The demo dump can likely be used for clues somehow to help sort this out (if it hasnt already been strip mined for ideas). As you see in my other answer, post EWBAITE i have spotty info on the sessions, at best. RC is probably the only person alive that could properly explain how things mutated, but i dont think he likes to get into that micro level.

March 24, 2022 6:50 PM (#karlification)

greg: was tragic girl recorded in 2009 and is this leaked early pinkerton deluxe tracklist real

Disc One
Original Album:
1. Tired Of Sex
2. Getchoo
3. No Other One
4. Why Bother?
5. Across The Sea
6. The Good Life
7. El Scorcho
8. Pink Triangle
9. Falling For You
10. Butterfly

B-Sides and More:
11. El Scorcho (Clean Version)*
12. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
13. Devotion
14. The Good Life (Radio Remix)
15. Waiting On You
16. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
17. The Good Life (Live Acoustic)
18. Pink Triangle (Radio Remix)
19. I Swear It’s True*
20. Getting Up And Leaving*
21. Pink Triangle (Live Acoustic)

Disc Two
Unreleased Outtakes:
1. Blast Off*
2. You Won’t Get With Me Tonight*
3. She’s Had A Girl*
4. Dude We’re Finally Landing*
5. Long Time Sunshine*
6. Tragic Girl*

Live and Acoustic Performances
7. The Good Life (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
8. El Scorcho (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
9. Pink Triangle (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
10. Why Bother? (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
11. El Scorcho (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
12. Pink Triangle (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
13. The Good Life (Live at X96)
14. El Scorcho (Live Acoustic)*

Rough and Alternate Takes
15. Tired Of Sex (Rough Take)*
16. Getchoo (Rough Take)*
17. Across The Sea Piano Noodles*
18. The Good Life (Rough Take)*
19. Falling For You (Rough Take)*
20. I Swear It’s True (Rough Take)*
21. Getting Up And Leaving (Rough Take)*
22. Butterfly (Alternate Take)*

* Previously Unreleased

LOGOS: DGC, UMe, FBI Warning

(p)© 2009 Geffen Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404 – USA. Distributed by Universal Music Distribution. All rights reserved. B0012913-02

UPC: 0-06025-2704256-5

Karl: Tragic Girl's story is truthfully told in full in the Pink deluxe liner notes, where i laid out the story as it happened, from initial forgotten recording in 1996 to the 2009 (was it 2009? around then anyway) rediscovery and finishing touches done by Rivers (where i sat in the studio and watched him work). that tracklist i am not sure on...... but yes, at one point i wanted to include the 8/95 sessions which do include Blast Off, as well as an acapella Dude Were Finally Landing attempt done in early 96. So maybe that tracklist was an optimistic list made before things settled down and some stuff was rejected (not by me)

March 25, 2022 8:01 PM (#karlification)

alice.band: I asked this before, but I didn't get an answer, so I'll ask it again, from weezer's side, what was the deal with Fear of Pop? Ben Folds says in this interview that weezer just kinda didn't get back to him for the longest time. And would a collaboration still be on the table? It's something I would love to see if it's possible


(Also, I hope you guys are doing okay, sending love :friendly:)

Karl: im gonna say this wasnt responded to (by a band member or management) due to lack of time/interest. No diss on Ben, he is rad, but i dont know that theres much thought about him or his music or ideas in the weezer camp. Personally i have Whatever and ever amen on vinyl and enjoy it.

March 27, 2022 8:45 PM (#karlification)

deckra: this isn't really a wiki question, but i'd love to hear what you think of this project i've been working on:


it's a database logging as many old weezer fansites that i can find. i've worked on it a ton and there's a good ~250-300 sites listed at this point. if you know of any additional information about any of the sites listed, or can remember any sites that i don't already have listed, it would be of much help! there's only so much i can dig up through old broken archives

Karl: this is absolutely essential and i endorse it wholeheartedly. I have an extensive cache of notes on early weezer (fan + fan/band interactive) internet activity dating back to '94 and the BBS days, leading into the newsgroup & AOLchat days. The early web days (RWA at the forefront of course).... ALL this needs to be somehow put in the WP! oh and yes i will try and review and let you know if i have info on some of them even if its just a stray memory about it back when i saw it last, etc... The Smack!! great page

March 27, 2022 8:49 PM (#karlification)

drewski (cardigan disaster): In the Video Capture Device there’s a clip of you, Mikey, and Ric Ocasek during the Green Album sessions recording backing vocals for the song, “Don’t Let Go”. Did Ric’s backing vocals ever make it onto the album?

Karl: afaik, what you see there is the recording that was used. the backing vox are really buried in the mix though.

March 31, 2022 8:27 PM (#karlification)

eted: I know you've spoken about this before in the past, but I was curious as to whether or not you can share any more info (if there is any more) about the Homie album from 1997-98. I was reading the Recording History and that period is fascinating to me— earlier today I was wondering about what the Homie version of Longtime Sunshine might sound like and it got me thinking.

Karl: i dont have addl info beyond what i long ago gathered for the recording history. no new info or recordings have surfaced since then. What RC has or knows, if anything, is a mystery, as it was even back in 2000 when i actually had 24/7 access to his tapes and files.

March 31, 2022 8:29 PM (#karlification)

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