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You Blue It

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You Blue It
You Blue It cover
Tribute album by You Blew It!
Released July 15, 2014
Format vinyl, digital
Recorded The Vanguard Room in Lakeland, Florida
Genre Alternative rock
Length 14:32
Label Topshelf
Producer(s) Matt Wilbur

You Blue It is an EP of Weezer covers by American emo band You Blew It!.


Of the EP, the band said:[1]

The Blue Album means a lot to us. Aside from them being one of the few bands we can unanimously agree on, they're one of the most defining bands of our generation. I'm not sure that we would be a band without Weezer, so this was just the best way we could come up with to pay tribute to them. Plus holy shit it was fun. Oh and "You Blue It" was too good of a pun to pass up so whatever.

You Blue It peaked at #13 on the Billboard chart for US Vinyl Albums.[2]

Track listing

A1. "In The Garage" - 3:55
A2. "My Name Is Jonas" - 3:29
A3. "Only In Dreams" - 5:22
B1. "Surf Wax America" - 3:09
B2. "Susanne" - 2:46

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