Diamond Rings

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"Diamond Rings"
Demo by Weezer
Length 2:58
Label none
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 610
COR# 291
Producer Weezer
Status Bootleg, demo circulating
Live debut October 24, 2001
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 609)
"Diamond Rings"
(RC# 610)
"Through Other's Eyes"
(RC# 611)
This song is part of the "Troublemaker" lineage of songs

Diamond Rings (also known as "Anything but Love") is a demo by Weezer, recorded in contention for the album that would eventually become Maladroit.



"Diamond Rings" was first written and recorded by Rivers Cuomo onto his personal recorder in 2001. The song was first known to have been demoed by Weezer at Sage & Sound Studios in late summer of that year, the first sessions to feature bassist Scott Shriner. The band continued demoing the song and performing it at concerts throughout the following months, debuting at a Goat Punishment concert at the Knitting Factory. The only live recording known to exist in fan circulation is from a concert in December of 2001. Though the song did not appear on Maladroit, the song was reworked years later into the song "Special", an earlier iteration of the song "Troublemaker", the first track and second single from the band's self-titled 2008 album.

Live performances



So it goes and down the line
You wanna dance? Wanna have a good time?
And if you do we'll have some fun
And in the end you'll be ???

I'll give you anything
Anything but love
My heart beats diamond rings
Diamonds from above

You like to go and run around
I can never tell if you're digging my sound
Basic flip with lots of guys
And in the end I just wanna know why

I'll give you anything
Anything but love
My heart beats diamond rings
Diamonds from above

Take control
Don't you know?
You can have anything you want,
And then let go
Let me go
Let me go

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