Weezer concert: 10/24/2001

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Weezer concert: 10/24/2001
Tour White Album Tour
Venue The Knitting Factory
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date October 24, 2001
Debuts "Faith in the Light," "My Weakness," "Change the World," "The Dawn," "Living Without You"
Bootleg Circulating
Weezer live show chronology
09/29/2001 - Wantagh, NY 10/24/2001 - Los Angeles, CA 11/06/2001 - Los Angeles, CA

On October 24, 2001, Weezer (as Goat Punishment) performed at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, CA. The show was filmed and broadcast on the HBO television series Reverb, and aired on November 14 of that year. Eight songs from the set appeared in the episode and were subsequently bootlegged and distributed among fans as MP3s.

Set list

No. TitleBroadcast?
1. "My Weakness" (Live debut)No  
2. "Faith in the Light" (Live debut)No, video circulating  
3. "Diamond Rings"  No  
4. "Change The World" (Live debut)Yes  
5. "Smile"  Yes  
6. "Ain't Got Much Time"  No  
7. "We Go Together"  Yes  
8. "Fall Together"  Yes  
9. "Your Room"  No  
10. "Glorious Day"  Yes  
11. "So Low"  Yes  
12. "The Dawn" (Live debut)No  
13. "Do You Want Me To Stay?"  No  
14. "Living Without You" (Live debut)No  
15. "Photograph"  No  
16. "Hash Pipe"  Yes  



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