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Elastica's original lineup, left to right:
Annie Holland, Justine Frischmann, Donna Matthews, Justin Welch
Background information
Origin London England
Years active 19922001
Genre(s) Alternative rock, Brit Pop
Label(s) Geffen, Deceptive Records, Atlantic

Elastica were a '90s Britpop band who rose to prominence in tandem with Weezer.


Elastica was formed in 1992 by Justine Frischmann and Justin Welch and lasted until 2001. The band occupied a similar space in culture as Oasis and Blur, other Britpop artists who reached fame in the UK during the '90s. Their debut album entered the UK album charts at No. 1, the fastest-selling debut album since Oasis' Definitely Maybe.[1]

Like Weezer's Blue Album, the 1995 debut Elastica was released in America through DGC (the alternative rock division of Geffen). As such, the two bands appear on numerous promotional compilation CDs beside one another, as well as the soundtrack for Mallrats. According to Weezine issue #4, around fall 1995, the A&R rep for Elastica offered a position as bassist to Weezer guitarist Brian Bell during his off-time. Bell declined, preferring to invest time developing his own band, the Space Twins.[2]

Elastica members Justine Frischmann and Donna Mathews appear as guest vocalists on the Rentals' 1999 album Seven More Minutes. Frischmann performs on "The Man with Two Brains", and Matthews performs on "Say Goodbye Forever" and "Must Be Wrong".

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