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Elastica's original lineup, left to right:
Annie Holland, Justine Frischmann, Donna Matthews, Justin Welch
Background information
Origin London England
Years active 1992 - 2001
Genre(s) Alternative rock, Brit Pop
Label(s) Deceptive Records (1993-2001)
Former Members
Annie Holland
Justine Frischmann
Donna Matthews
Justin Welch
David Bush
Sheila Chipperfield
Paul Jones
Sharon Mew

Elastica were a Britpop band from the 90s.


Forming in 1992, Elastica, along with Oasis and Blur, were one of the more famous Britpop bands. They are known for their hit singles Connection and Line Up and intesive touring through the USA in the mid 90s. The group split up in 2001.

Weezer connection


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