Historic event: 04/22/1993

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weezer show #52: Al's Bar, Downtown L.A., CA

Al's bar is a legendary punk bar/club located in a weird part of downtown L.A., where a lot of cool bands cut their teeth. Its intimidating "no b.s." atmosphere was a good inspiration for weezer to step things up a notch.

This show was touted as a "3 dog night", with that dog, Waldo the Dog Faced Boy (whose line-up included Tom Grimley and Jim Richards, later of The Rentals), Dogstar (not the Keanu Reeves Dogstar, this Dogstar later became Charles Brown Superstar - which included Bobby Hecksher, of C.B.S., The Magic Pacer, and later/currently The Warlocks), and weezer the "bonus non-dog band" on the bill.

setlist: unknown. While a karl 'bootleg' tape exists of the that dog set, no recording exists of weezer's set, likely due to recording malfunction.

...original show flyer. no weezer-centric flyer exists for this show...
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