Historic event: 04/29/1993

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weezer show #53: Club Dump [The Central], Hollywood

Club Dump was held Thursday nights at the Central, a Sunset Strip club in Hollywood that much later was bought, re-modeled, and reopened as the Viper Room. Way back then it was anything but glamorous, in fact it was pretty skanky! But it was one of the very few clubs that had a booking policy that made any sense, and who actually sort of catered to non-glam/metal bands. The club was run by a curious guy whose name was Yowsah! [including the "!"]. Yowsah! used to be roomates with some members of Wax, and he was originally from Hawaii. He led a sort of dirgy punk band called "Methadone Cocktail", and part of playing his Club Dump shows was often sharing the bill with his band.

Club Dump had a video camera operator who would take overly special effected videos of bands shows, if bands ponied up $10 for the tape. Weezer went for the deal tonight, and the video survives to this day. Tonights show was additionally "bootlegged" by karl with a handheld mono cassette recorder, the tape from which also survives.


surf wax america
no one else
the world has turned
my name is jonas
jamie ( 1st time played live)
say it aint so
lullaby for pat finn ("lullaby for wayne" with altered lyrics, as a send off to pat finn, who was moving away)
undone the sweater song
if i fell (Beatles cover. 1st time played live)

Also on the bill was Methadone Cocktail, that dog., El Magnifico, and 12 And Counting.

no photos or flyers known.

Pat Finn commented on this show on an old weezer newsgroup, dated 12/14/1997.
"4/29/93 club dump. pre brian bell. i was moving away [on 5/1] and everybody was getting cheesy. there was a song called lullaby for wayne but they changed the lyrics to lullaby for pat. jason was screaming "pat finn". it was weird to have a tribute from the people i respected the most. all those club dump and coconut teazer shows were real treats, the first time i ever got drunk was at the coconut teazer. weezer at the teazer! lane staley yelled that out when we handed him a flyer, he [was] a doper. -love, p.

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