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left to right:
Joe Sib, Dave Georgeff, Tom Gardocki, Loomis Fall
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1991 – 1995
Genre(s) Pop punk
Label(s) Caroline Records (1992-1994)
Interscope (1995)
Former Members
Joe Sib
Tom Gardocki
Dave Georgeff
Loomis Fall

Wax was a Los Angeles-based punk-pop band in the early 1990s. They released just two albums, 1992's What Else Can We Do and 1995's 13 Unlucky Numbers. The latter spawned their one and only minor hit, "California" (not to be confused with similarly-titled songs by The Rentals or Phantom Planet), which benefitted from a Spike Jonze video. They also contributed the title song to the Mall Rats soundtrack.

Weezer connections

Weezer played "Conversationalist" live at a handful of shows in 1992. This was a reworked version of Wax's song "So Much Talk." Wax Guitarist Tom Gardocki had previously been in the band Bush with Patrick Wilson.

Wax often played club shows in and around LA with Weezer, and some of its members, along with future MTV star Johnny Knoxville, roomed with members of Weezer in the early 90s.

Wax reunited in 2009, with a new bass player, to open a Weezer show at the Palladium on October 24. Knoxville introduced the band.


  • Joe Sib - vocals
  • Tom Gardocki - guitar
  • Dave Georgeff - bass
  • Loomis - drums