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Photographer unknown
Background information
Origin Fullerton, CA
Years active 1989 - 1996
Genre(s) Punk, alternative rock
Label(s) Doctor Dream Records
Former Members
Greg Antista
John "Bosco" Calabro
Mike McKnight
Sandy Hanson
Steve Soto

Joyride was a Orange County-based punk band formed in 1989. The band shared several members with the Adolescents, and often played small rock clubs in the Los Angeles area with Weezer in 1992.


  • Johnny Bravo - 1992
  • Another Month Of Mondays - April 1995

Shows played with Weezer

Date City Venue Other band(s) Bootleg(s) Concert Source
August 26, 1992 West Hollywood, CA Club Lingerie Black Market Flowers Weezer concert: 08/26/1992 [1]
October 24, 1992 Anaheim, CA Doll Hut Mad Dog Weezer concert: 10/24/1992 [2]
November 12, 1992 West Hollywood, CA Club Dump El Magnifico, Monkey Paw, and Silvertrain Weezer concert: 11/12/1992 [3]
November 21, 1992 Santa Monica, CA The Alligator Lounge Crux, El Magnifico, Missing Honey, Boys Named Sue, Silvertrain, Fast Eddie Lee, "DJ Cock" Weezer concert: 11/21/1992 [4]

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