Historic event: 07/09/1993

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a special gift

This day marked one year from the time Mykel and Carli had watched their first weezer show and thenceforth attended nearly every show they could. In that year they had witnessed a good but very rough around the edges band work like dogs, get a lot better, and get rewarded with a record contract. To celebrate, they baked the band a cake and brownies and suprised the guys with a very special (and funny) gift: A replica set of the Magical Talismans form the KISS movie "KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park", a rather rediculous 1978 film depicting the rock band KISS in an adventure as "space gods with the ability to fly and shoot animation out of their eyes".

The box and talismans were meticulously constructed to look as much like the originals as could be made out from VHS still frames on the girls' TV. The whole thing was prepared in secret and presented to the guys suprise-style at the Amherst House. Inside the box, the girls had attatched a special 'parchment' with quotes from the KISS film.

Melissa: "Unreal! I heard about your talisman but I didn't think that they really existed!"
Gene: "There is a cosmic forcefield that protects out talisman."
Melissa: "Cosmic! And if you didn't have them?"
Paul: "Without them, no powers..."
Peter: "We're just ordinary human beings."
Gene: "Not quite ordinary."
Melissa: "Too bad everybody doesn't have a talisman."
Paul: "But they do., they just haven't discovered it yet."

[message from M+C]: "These talismans are to guard you against all evil on your road to rock-stardom. When you get frustrated or misunderstood, look to the talisman for guidance and super-powers. You Rock! We love you!"

...4 views of the M+C talisman box, still frame from the film that inspired it..
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