Historic event: 07/16/1993

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Brian's Jerkwater plays a show

...Brian Bell was not yet in Weezer (he would be asked to join in September while the band was in NYC doing The Blue Album), but he was no longer in Carnival Art either at this point. He was doing shows as "Space Twins" with his girlfriend at the time, and decided to form yet another band called Jerkwater in '93, after walking away from an increasingly disjointed Carnival Art, who broke up not long after Brian's departure.

Jerkwater wasn't terribly different than the Space Twins, but was a 'full rock band' with echoes of Brian's Tennessee roots mixed in. There are apparently no recordings of the band, which was very short lived.

This show was at Al's Bar in Downtown L.A., and also featured the band Lutefisk, who would later play shows with weezer in L.A. and Phoenix. It is unclear which members of weezer attended, if any. (Most likely Matt and Rivers, if anyone.) The existance of the flyer in karl's collection confirms that Brian and weezer were at least in some sort of regular contact by summer '93.

...flyer, possibly designed by Brian...
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