I've Thrown It All Away

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"I've Thrown It All Away"
I've Thrown It All Away cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Van Weezer
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2020
Length N/A
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Jason Cropper
RC# 149
Producer Suzy Shinn
Status to be released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
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(RC# 148)
"I've Thrown It All Away"
(RC# 149)
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(RC# 150)

"I've Thrown It All Away" is a song from Van Weezer. The track was originally written in 1993 by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, and Jason Cropper.



According to the Recording History, "I've Thrown It All Away" was originally recorded by Pat Wilson, who initially recorded versions of the song with only drums and bass to 4-track, with an additional version thereafter recorded using a Yamaha workstation. Rivers Cuomo recorded a demo of the song in February of 1993, later including it in the demo cassette tape Monterey Jack. The song's title (rendered as "Thrown It All Away"), initially appeared in the spreadsheet The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo, posted to riverscuomo.com in 2008, where it was noted for inclusion on Alone II. The song, however, did not appear on Alone II.

In a 2008 interview, Karl Koch described the song as being one that fans "needed to hear"[1]. On April 14, 2020, Cuomo hosted an Island in the Zoom stream over the video conferencing platform Zoom in which Jason Cropper appeared as a guest. Cuomo mentioned during this session that Cropper had co-written an old song (later confirmed to be "I've Thrown It All Away") that would be appearing on Van Weezer and sang the beginning of the first verse [2]. On September 2, 2020, an entry for the song was posted to Riverpedia which read simply "recently recorded with the band". Cuomo later added on September 4 that he "originally co-wrote it in the '90s with Pat and Jason." He then specified on September 6 that it would appear on Van Weezer. Cropper played a portion of the song on guitar prior to performing a streamed concert to the Discord server Weezercord on September 18. On February 22, 2021 during a podcast interview, Cropper recalls the moment when he received a phone call from the band notifying him that I've Thrown It All Away would be appearing on the upcoming Van Weezer.[3]

On December 9, 2020 Cuomo released the 1993 demo of the song (albeit with a truncated ending) on the demo storefront on his personal website, as part of the compilation Patrick & Rivers.


  • Rivers Cuomo – lead guitar, lead vocals, percussion, rhythm guitar, bass guitar


Monterey Jack demo

Sometimes I feel very sad
When I think of what I once had
Everything you gave to me
Everything a boy could need

I've thrown it all away
I've gone and lost my way
It's not like yesterday
I've thrown it all away

My room is empty now
You don't even hear it now
But I remember playing there
Do you too, or don't you care?

I've thrown it all away
I've gone and lost my way
It's not like yesterday
I've thrown it all away

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