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Initiation cover
Studio album by Sanglorians
Released October 23, 2013
Genre Power pop, prog rock, hard rock
Length 40:37
Label Self Released
Producer(s) Daniel Brummel
Ryen Slegr
Bryan Sims
Billy Burke
Sanglorians chronology

Initiation is the debut album by Sanglorians. Its name and album art are a reference to the autobiography by Elisabeth Haich of the same name.


Initiation was partially funded via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, raising $7,000 with a goal of $6,780.[1] The song "My Subconscious" started its life as a Daniel Brummel and the Contraband demo.


Track listing

All songs written and composed by Sanglorians

No. Title Length
1. "Love Is the Speed of Light"   4:39
2. "Seventh Avenue"   3:32
3. "Everybody Likes a Pretty Girl"   3:48
4. "The Only Way Out Is In"   3:37
5. "Lost"   4:24
6. "Heartstrong"   4:25
7. "My Subconscious"   2:45
8. "Love Is Like a Line"   3:39
9. "Self-Rememberer"   2:38
10. "Liberty Bell"   7:04
Total length:

Music Video

A music video for the song "Heartstrong" was released on July 12, 2020.

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