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Background information
Origin Echo Park, California
Years active 2010 - present
Website Bandcamp
Current Members
Daniel Brummel
Jonathan Gomez
Jeremy Keeler
Morgan Paros
Tobias Smith
Andrew Lessman
Former Members
Jon Oswald
Ihui Wu
Matt Mayhall (2011–2013)

Sanglorians are an American rock band from Echo Park, California. Sanglorians was formed in 2010 by lead singer/songwriter Daniel Brummel along with guitarist Jonathan Gomez, bassist Jeremy Keeler, keyboardist/trumpeter Ihui Wu, violinist Morgan Paros, and drummer Matt Mayhall.


Formed in 2010, Sanglorains was a project formed by Daniel Brummel after not having worked on a rock album for nearly half a decade. The music itself was described by Buzzbands LA as "power-prog". Two albums have been released by the band, Initiation in 2013 and Odalisque in 2020. The latter album was promoted by Daniel in his Island in the Zoom episode.

In April of 2023, It was discovered Sanglorians were recording a new album at Loveless Motel Recording Studio as the band had been live-streaming their recording sessions to the Loveless Motel Recording Studios Twitch channel. A fundraiser to help fund the release of the album was posted to fundraising website in March of 2024.


The name "Sanglorians" comes from the second page of the James Joyce novel, Finnegans Wake.




Appears on

  • Tribute to Motion City Soundtrack "MY FAVORITE SOUNDTRACKS" (2016) "Fell In Love Without You"
  • Acoustic Superstars 3 (2018) "Miriam"
  • Acoustic Superstars 6 (2019) "Everybody Like a Pretty Girl"

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