Island in the Sun

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"Island in the Sun"
Island in the Sun cover
Single by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Green Album)
Released August 28, 2001
Format CD
Recorded December 2000, Cello Studios, Los Angeles, California
Length 3:20
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 413
COR# 109
Producer(s) Ric Ocasek
Status Officially released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
""Wlid" Thing"
(RC# 412)
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"Island in the Sun"
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Weezer (The Green Album) track listing
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"Island in the Sun"
Alternate Cover
UK retail CD single
UK retail CD single

"Island in the Sun" is the second single and fourth track from The Green Album.



"Island in the Sun" is one of Weezer's biggest hits. It has made many appearances in film, commercials, and television.

Rivers Cuomo wrote and first recorded a demo of the song in 1999. The original demo recording has circulated on the internet for several years.

Brian Bell originally heard the song when he went to Cuomo's home at a time when Cuomo was writing all of his demo's names on the walls. The title instantly caught his attention, as did the song. On the audio commentary for the song's music video on Video Capture Device, Bell expressed that it "might be [his] favorite Weezer song."

The song went through a number of changes during the sessions for The Green Album, and in fact was, at one time, more of an upbeat rocker. This version can be heard during the documentary footage of the making of The Green Album on Video Capture Device. Remarked Karl Koch: "'Island in the Sun', the unusual song that has always taken the most time and effort to get right. Tom worked all day and the results were wonderful! It feels great to find the "answers" for that song and say 'wow, it's finished'." Ric Ocasek reportedly made the band practice the song's chord progression for long stretches of time before they recorded it, to attain the right feel[1].

The final Green recording has a very unique and clean production. It is also the first Weezer recording to be released that has a fade-out, rather than a definite ending. However, the band uses a proper ending for the song for the live performances.

In late 2001, the band reworked the song's solo for their live show. In 2005, Rivers Cuomo would often open the band's encore by playing "Island in the Sun" alone on an acoustic guitar in the back of the venue they were playing. On some nights, he would crowd-surf back up the stage.

"Island in the Sun", along with "Hash Pipe", was performed during the band's first appearance on Saturday Night Live in May of 2001. Comedian Will Ferrell, who was a cast member at the time, joined the band on stage for the performance of "Island", adding maracas to the mix.

Music video

There are two different videos for this song.

Version 1: Mexican Wedding

Marcos' "Mexican Wedding" plan made for a fun day in East L.A., and a really pretty video.
-Karl Koch on the first version of the "Island in the Sun" music video, from the liner notes for Video Capture Device

Directed by Marcos Siega. This video shows Weezer playing the song at a Mexican couple's wedding reception and features all four band members. This version remains the more obscure of the two, receiving less airplay than the second, though it is the version available for download on iTunes. It is one of the two Weezer music videos which includes bassist Mikey Welsh.

Version 2: Animals

"Weezer... with the animals!" was the only instruction given to Spike, and he knew exactly what to do. The video was all shot in one day in a 110 degree savannah up in Simi Valley somehwere. The chimp wasn't interested in joining the band.
-Karl Koch on the second version of the "Island in the Sun" music video, from the liner notes for Video Capture Device

Directed by Spike Jonze. This video features Weezer playing with various wild animals on a supposedly remote hill (though it was actually filmed a short distance outside of Los Angeles, which is thought to be in the hills near Simi Valley). Only Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo, and Pat Wilson appear in this video, as then bassist Mikey Welsh had left the band shortly before shooting. It is also rumored that original bassist Matt Sharp was approached to be in the video, though it is unclear if the offer was ever actually made. The executives at MTV disliked Siega's video, prompting the band to film Jonze's take. As a result, "Island in the Sun (Version Two)" had much wider play than the first version, and has become the standard video for the song.


Radio only promo CD

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20

Australian retail CD

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20
  2. "Oh Lisa" - 2:45
  3. "Always" - 2:05
  4. "Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)" - 3:24
  5. "Island in the Sun" (CD-ROM Video)

UK retail CD #1

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20
  2. "Oh Lisa" - 2:45
  3. "Always" - 2:05
  4. "Island in the Sun" (CD-ROM video)

UK retail CD #2

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20
  2. "Sugar Booger" - 3:40
  3. "Brightening Day" - 2:11

UK retail 7" (Yellow vinyl)

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20
  2. "Always" - 2:05

Japan retail CD

  1. "Island in the Sun" - 3:20
  2. "Teenage Victory Song" - 3:05
  3. "Starlight" - 3:19

An erroneous short mix of "Always" was released on these singles. The correct mix (2:48) was released on a Los Angeles-area charity compilation, a French promo, and as an mp3 on the band's website.




When you're on a holiday
You can't find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too

On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain

When you're on a golden sea
You don't need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone

We'll run away together
We'll spend some time forever
We'll never feel bad anymore

We'll never feel bad anymore
No, no

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