Karl's Corner - 04/21/2008

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04/21/08 triunfa del COVER!

04/21/08 triunfa del COVER!

As revealed in a sneak peek on Spinner.com earlier, heres the cover of the new Weezer album, due on 6/24/08! I think we've achieved a new level of artistry here.

More stuff: The (somewhat odd) press kit band bios Official press release for the new album.

Note - no word yet on International release dates of single or album. Should be close to the US dates, but the final word will be posted here.

A sign of the apocalypse? Non-scathing Pitchfork review of "Pork And Beans".

"Songs From The Black Hole" on an Entertainment Weekly list of 'Famously Leaked Albums'.

A6.com Boardie Weezer Tribute album (zip file w/ mp3s and cover images). Nice stuff!

Pork And Beans single out Thursday 4/24! Request it on your radio station!

Weezer cover article in Spin Magazine hitting newsstands May 27th.

"Weezer" (AKA Album #6, "The Red Album") is out on 6/24/08!

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