Karl's Corner - 04/24/2008

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04/24/08 Pork And Beans on wax with new A6 preorder deal!

04/24/08 Pork And Beans on wax with new A6 preorder deal!

Okay folks, "Pork and Beans" is officially out and the iTunes pre-order is in full effect (see 4/23 news!). But some of you may be wondering, "I dont have iTunes. What now?". And others may be wondering "Say, whatever happened to the good ol' 7 inch vinyl single?" Well, check it out:

Pre-order the new WEEZER album at any of the following 3 locations and you will receive a limited edition free red 7 inch vinyl single of “PORK & BEANS” and an exclusive B-Side!!! (limited quantities available).


in response to some presale questions:
1. The iTunes presale ticket password gets you 1st access to tickets in general. Now, In theory, this could mean access to premium seats - if a venue had any, but this is not guaranteed, and the venues havent even been chosen yet. Usually Weezer shows are GA, so on that case it wouldnt matter. What is guaranteed is 1st access to buying whatever tickets will eventually go on sale - depending on the venue at that time and how the venue operates. Wish I had more specifics, but thats all I got for now.
2. The Pork And Beans 7" b-side: what is it and is it truly exclusive? I Can't reveal the song yet but it is unique from the ones on the standard and deluxe albums and its not either of the 2 itunes bonus songs. Whether this 7" remains the only way to get this song later on is unknown. More info as I learn it.