Karl's Corner - 05/29/2004

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05/29/04 les dunes d'ostende

...letter of the week!

Dear "TheBand" you are really good at MEGA - Rockin. Just thought you otta know.

Keep the Rock comin,
Youre freind,
Andrew the Mega - Rocker

...in these lean days without a new album nor a tour on the immediate horizon, there are still come cool ways to get into the weez. For one, in honor of the Blue Album Deluxe Edition, a very cool new t-shirt is on sale at the online store. This shirt borrows elements of the Deluxe Edition packaging, (namely the original lyric scans and the band's seldom seen feet), and is a really tasteful design.

click picture to go to the store and see the full size pix

...some tech issues seemed to prevent everyone on the weezer.com mailing list from getting the last mass email from 5/15. If you missed it, click here to see the contents of the email as a pop up window. (if you'd like this sort of linkage to be done on the news page after all future mailing list emails, drop us a line. Might be handy...?

...the links page has finally been updated, so its out of date no more. There are several more links to be added, so if you don't see the one you sent in, don't worry, its coming.

..."is the band in the studio yet" you ask? Actually, no, not yet. But that's not a bad thing - Rivers made the desicion to continue his re-writing/editing/upgrading the songs sessions for a bit, aimed at further nailing down the songs on his personal fave 'a-list'. He has been taking extra special care with the songs, working extensively on lyrics, melodies, solos... (all the things you look for in a quality weezer track!) When the guys do hit the studio again to nail the songs as a band (and nail them they will!) and get the record done, the info will be posted here.

...the Chevy High Performance article featuring Patrick Wilson's Chevelle SS muscle car *is* in fact happening, in an upcoming issue. We are awaiting word on what month's issue it will be in, and that info will be here on the news when it is known. What is known is that it will be an interior color spread with many quotes from Pat, but will not be the cover story.

...as of 5/9, Australian fans are reporting that the Blue Album Deluxe Edition HAS NOT been released locally yet. Some stores have (fairly expensive) US imports, but there is apparently no Australian version out there. (The DVD is locally available though.)

...The UK release of the Blue Album Deluxe Edition is reviewed on BBC's music site here, while the UK Music Mag 'Q' gives the Deluxe Edition a 4 star review in its latest issue!

...and another nice review of the Weezer DVD is now up on 411mania.com.