Karl's Corner - 08/02/2008

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08/02/08 Keep it on the up!!!

08/02/08 Keep it on the up!!!

Okay people, as the summertime rolls on, heres where we're at!

"Pork and Beans" just ended its 11 week stint at number one on the Modern Rock charts, and now we're rolling out Red Album single #2: Troublemaker! Listen for it on a station near you, and dont be shy, request it if you want to freshen up your airwaves.
Troublemaker is also the new single in Japan - todays picture (full size here) is the very cool Japanese digital single artwork.

Meanwhile the Weezer men are finally all back in one city (Los Angeles, where else?) and revving things up. They start a month of rehearsals on Monday for the upcoming shows in Japan and North America, starting in September! Watch this space for details from the band shortly!

And coming up even sooner than all that is the Los Angeles Hootenanny, taking place on August 11th [**OR POSSIBLY AUG 18th DETAILS TO COME ASAP**]! Check back here very soon for details!

Speaking of Japan, the following two shows have been announced and are on sale now (provided you can figure out how to get tickets, cuz I sure can't):

* September 13 - Osaka - Intex Hall
* September 15 - Tokyo - Yoyogi Arena

Speaking even more of Japan, we are awaiting final details on the Japanese Red Album Deluxe Edition - Rumors have been swirling about whats on this, but so far there is no confirmation on any details. Stand by!

And (USA) Deluxe Vinyl Edition hopefuls, do not give up hope! Info coming soon about this hotly anticipated item!

...Founding member of Weezer Jason Cropper is playing his first show in 8 years at The Masquerade in Atlanta on Friday, August 15th. This will be an acoustic set of his new material. With Buffalo Alice. Best wishes for a good show!

...Weezer tribute band alert: So Many Dynamos is playing a weezer tribute show entitled "In the Garage: A Tribute to Weezer" on August 28 at Off Broadway in St. Louis.