Karl's Corner - 08/05/2004

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08/05/04 comin off the backside of the energy curve

summer recording session, day 13. After some band pow-wow action, it was decided that it was time to start bass overdubs. In other words, the 12 songs worked on to date have all gotten a tentatave stamp of approval as 'the finished basic tracks', on which bass, guitar, vocals, and other instruments can now be layered (or re-layered). Scott got to work, essentially replaying his bass parts over the existing drum recordings, while making decisions on how exactly to play, and/or tightening and fixing up any 'already mostly good' bass tracks laid down to date during the basic tracking. Scott was verbally assisted by Rivers, who as the writer of the songs had good suggestions and ideas to toss in the ring. This process will continue for an unknown number of days until all 12 songs are deemed 'ready for the guitars'.


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