Karl's Corner - 09/06/2004

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09/06/04 the great wang bar mix up of aught-four

...summer recording session, day 35. Back from the break! Well, mostly, anyway - Pat returns tomorrow. Plenty to do in this first of about 10 more days of Album 5 recording before Rivers treks off for a semester at school. Today there were Rivers vocals, keyboards and pianos in action, and later some bass work from Scott and guitar work from Brian. As the songs get closer to completion, new ideas spring up, such as trying a bassline a different way as an experiment, or altering a guitar part. So while the bulk of the lead and backing guitar and bass work is complete, the remaining work tends to fluctuate depending on how the song is coming along. In other words, sometimes a song that was mostly 'done' becomes temporarily 'un-done' while an alternate idea is tried. And sometimes the alternate idea sticks, while sometimes the original way stays on top. It feels like a fairly organic process, with everyone allowing for some give and take. In any event, pretty soon will come the fun step of doing the backing vocals and the more 'out there' sounds, depending on what each song needs. Today's piano overdub was pretty cool sounding.

...The first ever weezer biography has hit the bookstore shelves. While 'unauthorized', it looks like a well written and fairly complete picture of the bands history to date, and has proven to be an enjoyable read so far. Recommended to those that want the whole weez shebang in one tome.