Karl's Corner - 09/24/2004

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09/24/04 Bad Company is so genius compared to that

...summer recording session, day 51. Today the band worked on an additional song. The song was originally worked up into a very solid demo by Rivers in the period preceeding the current recording sessions. The guys wanted to hear how the song sounded if they played it as a band, so they recorded their parts along with Rivers' demo vocals and guitar parts that were already there. The plan is to do this same process for one more song tomorrow, then work for a few days on overdubs for these 2 songs and any other overdubs they deem necessery on the main set of 12 songs. While the main 12 songs are very close to completion (and may be in some cases truly completed) there is no way of knowing this for sure until everyone has had the chance to try everything they think may elevate the tracks. Of course that includes Rivers, who is now away at school for the semester. While everyone agrees that most of the tracks are very close, it may turn out that additional work will be needed. The upshot of all this is that the album probably wont be truly finished until after the holidays, which means it likely won't see release until spring '05, given the several months the record label requires to prepare for an album's release. The cool part is that everything on the album has had (and will have had) ample time to be the best it can be - no rushing or cutting corners.