Karl's Corner - 11/17/2008

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11/17/08 Jam (lamb) Session Message

People, here's a message directly from Rivers - things you need to know if you are attending the upcoming Alone II record release Jam Session at Fingerprintz Records in Long Beach - on next Tuesday 11/25!

...Also, there has been a new "Let's Write A Sawng" update.

...And in case you were wondering, the swell red hats everyone was wearing at the L.A. Forum show's Hootenanny came directly from WutZupHatz, as a favor to a friend who was in that night's Hoot. So, if you want to wear the red hat worn by 9 out of 10 Hootenanny People (including Rivers!) AND that matches the Red Album perfectly, look no further than WutZupHatz!