Please Let That Be You

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"Please Let That Be You"
Please Let That Be You cover
Album track by The Rentals
Album Return of the Rentals
Released October 24, 1995
Format CD
Recorded Poop Alley Studios
Length 3:33
Label Maverick Records / Reprise Records
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp, Tom Grimley
Status Officially released
Professional reviews
Return of the Rentals track listing
"Move On"
"Please Let That Be You"
"My Summer Girl"

This song is part of the "Please Let That Be You" lineage of songs

"Please Let That Be You" is the fifth track from the Rentals' debut album, Return of the Rentals. It is a reworking of "Mrs. Young", a 1993 song written by Matt Sharp.



Jamie Young, c. 2013

According to the Weezer Recording History, "Mrs. Young" was written by Matt Sharp in May of 1993, with Rivers Cuomo assisting on "some parts and harmonies". Like the Cuomo song "Jamie", written two months prior, "Mrs. Young" is an ode to Weezer's lawyer at the time, Jamie Young. The two "Jamie" songs were considered, at one point, for an independent single release, but this never materialized.

Another demo was recorded for the group that would eventually be called the Rentals at Poop Alley Studios in the Spring of 1995. The song would be reworked with all new lyrics and a new title, "Please Let That Be You", for the band's debut album Return of the Rentals. This demo, as well as the original 4-track demo, was released in 2001 for the Rentals fan club-exclusive compilation Excellent Stocking Stuffer.

During a Matt Sharp solo show in Fullerton, California in 2004, Sharp publicly reunited with Rivers Cuomo and the two performed four songs together, including "Mrs. Young."

"Please Let That Be You" was covered by the band Ash for the 2008 tribute album Friends of P - Tribute to the Rentals (released as a CD in Japan in 2010 as Lost Out in the Machinery - Songs of the Rentals)



Music video

The music video for "Please Let That Be You" features footage of the band on tour during the mid-90s, and was released onto the Rentals official website in 2005.


Lyrics and chords from ca. 2005

Lost out in the machinery
Lifeless, slow, and cold

Alone at home, alone too long
Walk around the complex
No visitors, no oxygen
Just me, no movement

Please let that be you
Knocking on my door so loud
Just like you do
Bringing a message or two
You know, you are my fave
And I love you

Empty, everything's technical
Sterile and endless
Inside, I malfunction
Observe and obsess

Please let that be you
Ringing my phone right now
Like I wish you would do
Calling with some good news
You know, you are my fave
And I love you

You are my fave and I love you
Stand by my side, always be true
You are my fave and I love you
I raise my right hand and swear it's true

You are my fave, you are my fave

Please let that be you
Singing my song so nice sounding like you do
Just humming along to your tune
You know, you are my fave
And I love you

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