Punk Rock Girl (That Dog song)

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"Punk Rock Girl"
Punk Rock Girl cover
Album track by That Dog
Album That Dog (album)
Released 1994
Recorded N/A
Length 2:07
Label Geffen
Producer(s) Tom Grimley and That Dog
Status Released
That Dog (album) track listing
"She Looks At Me"
"Punk Rock Girl"

"Punk Rock Girl" is the tenth track from That Dog's eponymous debut album. Rivers Cuomo also wrote a song called "Punk Rock Girl" which was inspired by this song.


She knows where she's coming from
Nice little Punk Rock Girl
She's so lonely, and lovely, and mad at her mom
She's the best little girl in the world

She walks in, we all applaud
A candle can't be held by Shena
With her gold dress and black roots and tattoo of God
She's the next best thing to Athena

Punk Rock Girl will rock your world
Punk Rock Girl will rock your world
Your world

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