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That Dog (album)

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That Dog
That Dog cover
by That Dog
Released 1993
Genre Alternative
Length 41:00
Label DGC
Producer(s) Tom Grimley and That Dog
Professional reviews
That Dog chronology
That Dog (double 7")
That Dog
Totally Crushed Out!
Alternate cover
original UK cover
original UK cover

That Dog (stylized as that dog.) is the self-titled debut album by That Dog.


The album was first released in the UK in 1993 on the 4AD label. This initial UK vinyl release included a bonus seven-inch single containing the songs "Buy Me Flowers" and "Untitled".

When the band signed to Geffen Records in the US, it was reissued with a different cover in 1994. This cover, along with seven of these tracks, originally appeared on the band's 1992 double 7" single.

The song "She Looks at Me" was later covered by Matt Sharp.

Track listing

  1. "Old Timer" - 2:08
  2. "Jump" – 3:15
  3. "Raina" – 2:12
  4. "You Are Here" – 4:36
  5. "Just Like Me" – 2:22
  6. "She" – 2:57
  7. "Angel" – 3:46
  8. "Westside Angst" – 1:49
  9. "She Looks at Me" – 2:30
  10. "Punk Rock Girl" – 2:07
  11. "Zodiac" – 2:02
  12. "Family Functions" – 2:20
  13. "She Looks at Me (reprise)" – 0:52
  14. "Paid Programming" – 2:51
  15. "This Boy" – 5:13

UK vinyl bonus single


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