Old Timer

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"Old Timer"
Single by That Dog
Album That Dog (album)
Released 1994
Format CD
Recorded 1993 at Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Length 2:08
Label DGC
Writer(s) That Dog
Producer(s) Tom Grimley and That Dog
Status Officially released
That Dog singles chronology
"Grunge Couple"
"Old Timer"
"He's Kissing Christian"
That Dog (album) track listing
"Old Timer"

"Old Timer" is a 1994 single by That Dog, from the band's debut album.


An early version of "Old Timer" appeared on That Dog's debut double 7" in 1992. It is one of very few singles released by the band.

It opened up the band's two reunion shows in 2011, and the music was re-used as the basis for the band's cover of The Germs' "We Must Bleed" in 1996.

From the promo CD liner notes: This song was initially written by Anna and her former roommate after attending a party for a family friend's eighth birthday. "Yeah, it was at Shakey's in West L.A. and we had to serve pizza to the kids," remembers Anna. "Finally, when we were finished, we ate mojo potatoes and saw the actual 'old timer' sitting alone at a table drinking red wine. His image struck a chord for some reason, and we had to rush home and write a song about him." "Some people think it's rude," adds Rachel. "But if you listen to the bridge, you'll realize that they just thought he was cute," confirms Tony.

Beck performed a partial cover of the song at Criminal Records in Atlanta, Georgia on March 24, 1994[1]

Promo CD

The promotional-only release featured a pair of rare tracks, including "I Invented A Head", which was the B-side to the original "Grunge Couple" vinyl single, and a live version of "Grunge Couple" - the original single version having appeared on CD on "DGC Rarities, Vol. 1." The disc was rounded out by the LP versions of the title track, and "She Looks At Me", a song that was covered by The Rentals in demo form, and released on that band's 2001 fan club disc "Excellent Stocking Stuffer." The gatefold CD jacket for "Old Timer" includes song-by-song commentary by the band.

Music video

The video for the song, directed by Spike Jonze, was filmed at a Hot Dog Stick fast food stand near the Santa Monica pier. It featured the band as employees of the establishment.

Track listing

  1. "Old Timer" (LP version) (2:08)
  2. "Grunge Couple" (live - previously unreleased) (5:15)
  3. "I Invented A Head" (non-LP) (2:12)
  4. "She Looks At Me" (LP version) (2:30)



Hey old timer, can I ask you a question
While you're standing at the buffet?
Is this your first or second helping?
Why'd you come here anyway?
Hey old timer, why ya drinkin' the wine at Shakeys?
Hey old timer, I can tell your feet get achey.
Was it the senior special that got you?
Did you cut your coupons in the Sunday Times?
You got your chili, don't forget your cornbread.
I can tell you come here all the time.
Did your friends say they couldn't make it?
Did you come here all alone?
Two-for-one's a stretch, you'll have to fake it.
Maybe we can share, I'm on my own.
Hey old timer, why ya drinkin' the wine at Shakeys?
Hey old timer, I can tell your feet get achey.
Hey old timer. Hey old timer. Hey old timer.
Hey old timer.

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