Shufflepuck (album)

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Shufflepuck cover
Studio album by Shufflepuck
Released Unreleased
Recorded The Record Plant, 4th Street Recording and A&M Studios
Mixed at The Record Plant
Mastered at Precision Mastering
Genre Alternative rock
Label Interscope Records
Producer(s) Jim Wirt
Shufflepuck chronology
"Where the Hell Is She"
(1994) (single)
Singles from Shufflepuck
  1. "Where the Hell Is She"
    Released: 1994

Shufflepuck is Shufflepuck's first and full-length record. Despite being professionally recorded and supported by Interscope Records, it was never released.


Led by longtime Weezer collaborators Adam Orth and Justin Fisher, Shufflepuck attained some recognition in the LA rock scene in the early 90's. They were eventually signed to Interscope Records. Sometime after finishing the album, however, the record deal did not pan out. As Orth describes on his website under a list of his professional experiences[1]:

Secured multi-album recording contract under legendary recording industry executive Tom Whalley. Wrote, recorded and produced 1 full-length record for Interscope. Performed internationally to support.

The story is elaborated on in a fan-hosted YouTube playlist of the album[2]. The veracity of this story is unverified:

Everything was looking good until their A&R guy left and the band quickly became a non-priority at the label - causing several release dates to pass without the album seeing the light of day. By '97 Shufflepuck had gotten out of their Interscope contract, but by that point few other labels were interested, and the band broke up on stage at a show not long after.[citation needed]



  • Jim Wirt - Producer, Engineer
  • C. J. Eriksson - Engineer
  • James Saez - Engineer
  • Mike Baumgartner - Engineer
  • Stephen Marcussen - Mastering
  • David Blanco - Engineer, mixing


  • Stephen Levy - A&R [Assistant]
  • Tom Whalley - A&r [Direction]
  • Shufflepuck, Sunja Park - Art direction
  • Photography – Michael Lavine
  • Photography [Headphone] – James Ware

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Adam Orth. 

No. Title Length
1. "Small"   3:33
2. "Where the Hell Is She"   3:20
3. "Mistreated"   4:10
4. "Living a Lie"   3:18
5. "I Don't Mean to Let You Down"   3:01
6. "Make Her Mine"   4:26
7. "Whipping Boy"   4:28
8. "Fool Like Me"   2:58
9. "Why Can't I Be Him"   4:11
10. "Insincere"   4:37
Total length:

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