Adam Orth

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Adam Orth
Background information
Birth name Adam Orth
Born September 29, 1970
Origin Connecticut
Occupation(s) Musician, video game designer
Years active 1995present
Instrument(s) Bass guitar, guitar, vocals
Associated acts
Homie, Shufflepuck

Adam Orth (born September 29, 1970[1][2]) is a musician and longtime friend of Rivers Cuomo. He was a member of the bands Shufflepuck (also featuring Justin Fisher), Neighborly, and the short-lived Cuomo-led project Homie.


Adam Orth is a childhood friend of Rivers Cuomo from Connecticut. He was the lead singer/songwriter for the band Shufflepuck (which also featured Justin Fisher) in the 90s, and played with the band Neighborly in the early 2000s. He has since pursued a career in game design, working for companies such as EA, LucasArts and Sony Santa Monica.

Adam Orth achieved international notoriety in 2013 when, while working as a creative director at Microsoft Studios, he tweeted in defense of the Xbox One's "always-on" technology.[3] The backlash led to Orth's departure from the company a few days thereafter.[4] Orth went on to create the 2016 VR video game ADR1FT. [5]


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