Sweetness and Tenderness

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"Sweetness and Tenderness"
Sweetness and Tenderness cover
Album track by The Rentals
Albums Return of the Rentals
The Last Little Life EP
Released ROTR - October 24, 1995
LLL - August 14, 2007
Recorded ROTR - Poop Alley Studios
LLL - Dan Joeright's private recording studio
Length ROTR - 5:55
LLL - 6:27
Label ROTR - Maverick Records / Reprise Records
9 46093-2
LLL - Boompa
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) ROTR - Matt Sharp, Tom Grimley
LLL - The Rentals
Status Officially Released
Return of the Rentals track listing
"These Days"
"Sweetness and Tenderness"
The Last Little Life EP track listing
"Life Without a Brain"
"Sweetness and Tenderness"
The Last Little Life EP
second release
second release

"Sweetness and Tenderness" is the tenth and final track on the Rentals' debut album, Return of the Rentals. A rearranged version appears on the band's 2007 EP The Last Little Life.


"Sweetness and Tenderness" is a slow ballad that concludes "Return of the Rentals." The song ends with an unlisted "hidden" track: a short, violin-based instrumental, backed by the same 'space' noise that is featured on the album's opening track, "The Love I'm Searching For". The song was later re-recorded for 2007's The Last Little Life EP. It is significantly longer at 6:27.

The song's lyrics ("You're just a viewer, cold and distant") reference the Gary Numan song "Conversation" from the 1979 album The Pleasure Principle.




Lyrics and chords from therentals.com ca. 2005

I need to figure this out
And find where my place is
I don't mean to threaten anyone
No need to get so defensive

You say you're with me, I know you don't care
You say you're with me, I know you don't care

I guess it's real simple
It's just like when Gary Numan say
You're just a viewer, cold and distant
You are just business, you're worthless

Sweetness, I need some tenderness
Sweetness, I need some tenderness

You know it's just like Judas say
I've been your right hand man all along
My admiration for you hasn't died
I haven't forgotten how put down we are

Come away with me, come away with me
Come away with me, we can hide in peace
And we can finally rest

This melody's wrong and I do care
This melody's wrong, yes, I care

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