That Dog concert: 04/19/1994

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That Dog concert: 04/19/1994
Tour Mellow Gold North American Tour 1 (East)[1]
Venue The Troubador (Originally the Hong Kong Cafe)
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date April 19, 1994
Associated album That Dog (album)
Headliner Beck
That Dog live show chronology
004/10/1994 - Minneapolis, MN 04/19/1994 - West Hollywood, CA 08/09/1994 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

On April 19, 1994, That Dog opened for Beck at the The Troubador in West Hollywood, CA.



Only a portion of the setlist is known[2][3] The order of the songs is unknown.

No. Title
1. "Totally Confused" (with That Dog)  
2. "Fume"    
3. "Fucknwitmyhead"    
4. "Alcohol"    




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  2. YouTube video of Beck at the Troubador April 19 1994.
  3. YouTube video of "Totally Confused" at the Troubador April 19 1994