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The Adventures of Super Devil

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The Adventures of Super Devil
The Adventures of Super Devil cover
Studio album by Heretix
Released 1993
Recorded Squid Hell, July 1993
Mastered at Masterworks
Genre Alternative Rock, Grunge
Length 45:04
Label CherryDisc Records
Heretix chronology
Continuous Soft Hits on the Head
The Adventures of Super Devil

The Adventures of Super Devil is the third album by Heretix. The album was released on the now defunct Boston-based label CherryDisc Records in 1993.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Liquid California"  Brian Hill 4:05
2. "Michigan"  Ray Lemieux 4:33
3. "Nothing More to Talk About"  Hill 4:08
4. "Butcher's Brain"  Hill 4:03
5. "Hedgehog"  Lemieux 4:27
6. "Taste"  Lemieux 3:48
7. "Alchemy"  Hill 4:46
8. "Buzzy Baby"  Hill 5:37
9. "Llik"  Hill/Lemieux 2:50
10. "10-2-1"  Hill/Lemieux 4:08
11. "Chariot Choogle"  Marc Bolan 2:34
Total length:

Tracks 6 & 10 are re-recorded from Heretix's previous album, Continuous Soft Hits on the Head.

Track 11 was written by Marc Bolan and originally performed by T. Rex.


  • Ray Lemieux (guitar, vocals)
  • Brian Hill (guitar)
  • Marvin Huffman (drums)
  • Mike Welsh (bass, fuzz bass on "Buzzy Baby")
  • Eric Hill (bass on "Buzzy Baby")
  • Carl Plaster (recording)
  • Jonathan Wyner (mastering)
  • Dave Roberts (cover art and design)
  • Ida Ivana Marusich (photography)
  • John Egan (final execution)
  • Da Vinci (technical drawings)


CD release

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