The Biggest Animal

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"The Biggest Animal"
Demo by Fuzz
Album Yeastmaster Pt. 1
Released Unreleased
Recorded January 23, 1991
Length 3:13
Label none
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 65
Producer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Uncirculating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"The Answer Man"
(RC# 65)
"The Biggest Animal"
(RC# 66)
"Bored and Boring"
(RC# 67)

"The Biggest Animal" is a Fuzz demo from 1991.


Handwritten lyrics for "The Biggest Animal"


The biggest animal
is walking in the field
so open your door, open your door, open your door

He's takin' what he needs
and he walks on by
walking on by, walking on by, walking right by

So go right down to the riverside now
Open up your door and ya take a big gulp
of the animal, of the animal

He's going for the broke
as a little girl cries

He's banging on your skull!
He's banging on your head!