The Yeastmaster

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The Yeastmaster
The Yeastmaster cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released Partially Released
Recorded 1990-1992

The Yeastmaster is a cassette compilation by Rivers Cuomo, featuring demos recorded from 1990 through 1992. The compilation was partially released in 2020 as a part of the digital compilations Alone V: Before Weezer and Patrick & Rivers in 2020.


The Yeastmaster is a compilation of Yeastmaster Part 1 and Part 2. Yeastmaster Part 1 was first mentioned in the recording history. [1] And while the demos from Yeastmaster Part 2 are mentioned in the Recording History [2] they would not be known to be a part of Yeastmaster Part 2 would not be known until the songs were included on the 2020 compilations Alone V: Before Weezer and Patrick & Rivers. These songs feature a focus on songwriting, something Cuomo's previous tapes were not entirely focused on. This resulted in songs that Karl Koch described as "either somewhat bitter or really goofy[1]." And while there is a focus on songwriting, there are also several things that Karl described as "not-really songs[1]", though it is unknown what exactly all of them are, as not all of them have been released.


Yeastmaster Part 1

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Christmas in LA"  Rivers Cuomo 4:02
2. "Living in the Bush"  Cuomo 1:36
3. "Ain't Got No Words"  Cuomo 1:36
4. "The Answer Man"  Cuomo 1:52
5. "The Biggest Animal"  Cuomo 3:16
11. "I Can't Sing"  Cuomo 3:01
12. "Three Instrumentals"  Cuomo 3:37
13. "The Allman Drummers"  Cuomo 2:05
14. "The Pppp and the Bppp"  Cuomo/Patrick Wilson 1:45
15. "Ben Gay"  Cuomo 2:07
16. "Drugs"  Cuomo 3:16
17. "English-Sonia and Takashi"  Cuomo 2:19

"instrumental 1", "reggae feel", "i v ii III", "Bushman", "Bored and Boring", and "Lethargic and Lethargicing" also appear on this tape, but the track positions of the songs are unknown

Yeastmaster Part 2

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Hello Men and Boys"  Rivers Cuomo 1:01
2. "Galactus"  Cuomo 0:17
4. "Who's the Bitch"  Cuomo 2:52
5. "Interview With the Rockstar"  Cuomo 2:11
6. "Scotty's Pullover (Tennis Ball)"  Cuomo/Patrick Wilson 3:19
7. "Numerous Druids (The Barnaby Jones)"  Cuomo 3:19
8. "Hey M'Darlin"  Cuomo 1:54
9. "I Got So Many Problems"  Cuomo 0:46
10. "Crazy Rock and Rollers"  Cuomo 1:48
11. "Underground"  Cuomo 2:28
12. "Oh Geez"  Cuomo 3:44
13. "Old Man"  Cuomo 2:37
14. "I Can't Forget the Way"  Cuomo 3:24
15. "Chasm"  Cuomo/Wilson 2:24
16. "Two to Tango"  Cuomo 2:27

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