The Crabs

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The Crabs
Background information
Years active 2009
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Former Members
Jose Galvez, Ryen Slegr, ?

The Crabs were a Weezer tribute act consisting of members of the bands Ozma and Teaneck.


Show #1

See The Crabs concert: 05/16/2009

In 2009, Jose Galvez and Ryen Slegr (of Ozma) joined members of the band Teaneck to form a Weezer tribute band dubbed the Crabs. On May 3, the band released a video to YouTube of the band rehearsing the song "Knock-down Drag-out."[1] On May 16, the group performed Weezer's self-titled Green album in its entirety (as well as the Green-era b-side "I Do" and the Pinkerton track "Tired of Sex") at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles.

Show #2

See The Crabs concert: 10/02/2009

On October 2, the band performed a tribute to Weezer's Pinkerton at the Knitting Factory. In addition to playing Pinkerton in its entirety, the band performed a cover of the Ozzy Osbourne song "Mr. Crowley" and the Weezer b-sides "Waiting on You" and "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams." During the latter, the band was joined by Star Wick and Dan Brummel (also of Ozma) on lead vocals and keyboards, respectively.[2]

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