WeezerIsland.com interview with Pat Wilson - September 10, 2002

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This is an interview I conducted via email with Pat Wilson. Enjoy!

WeezerIsland: On TheSpecialGoodness.com you posted that Scott decided he had a lot to do and he wouldn't be able to be in TSG. So now that Scott isn't going to be in the band, who is likely to fill the position of the bass player in TSG?

Pat: I really don't know. I think the right person will come along, but it might be like QOTSA who just get someone when they need them.

WI: TSG is coming out with a new album fairly soon, and you guys are going to be releasing it on your own label. How did you come to the decision and are you going to be able to distribute it nationwide?

Pat: It just felt like it was the right thing to do. We didn't want any massive conflicts between labels with Weezer scheduling. We're eventually going nationwide, but are going to start West Coast.

WI: A little while ago, you guys released a bunch of demos on www.weezer.com. I was wondering how you feel about them and which one is your favorite?

Pat: I think the ones with a lot of keyboards feel a little lost to me. I can't remember any of the names!

WI: Two of those demos that were released on weezer.com were written/sung by you. Do you know if any of your songs are going to make it on album 5?

Pat: I don't know. I'm not even sure they'd be good Weezer songs 'cause they're kind of spacey. Maybe.

WI: I have been hearing rumors that Rick Rubin may produce Album 5. Is there any truth to these rumors and is there a chance that you guys may produce it yourselves like you did Pinkerton?

Pat: I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors which should tell you a lot!

WI: I was wondering which album you thought you had the best drum sound on? Why?

Pat: Probably Pinkerton. They sound like what I hear and the other records don't.

WI: In "Keep Fishin" you worked with such legendary figures such as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie the Bear, and the rest of The Muppets. What was it like working with The Muppets and how did you feel when you were around them?

Pat: It was surreal! Too weird.

WI: As for Miss Piggy goes...are you two more than just friends and does your wife know about you two? (lol)

Pat: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

WI: I read in an interview that you did for The Pat Wilson Wonderland that Clerks is your favorite movie. I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and I was wondering what you think about his other movies (Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)?

Pat: I haven't seen those movies!

WI: I also read in that interview that Zen Palate was your favorite restaurant to eat at when you are on tour. I was wondering since the Zen Palate is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant if you are a vegetarian? Also, since Brian is a vegan, do you guys eat there when you are in NYC?

Pat: Not vegan. I don't see much of Bri on tour!

WI: I was wondering what you see in store for Weezer in the future?

Pat: Hopefully we'll continue to grow musically. I see different roles as times go on.

WI: And taking a cue from Inside the Actors Studio, what is your favorite swear word and why?

Pat: Chicks will hate this, but I like the 'c' word! Especially for a guy!