Land Air Sea

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Land Air Sea
Land Air Sea cover
2004 Epitaph reissue cover
Studio album by The Special Goodness
Released March 4, 2003[1]
January 20, 2004 (reissue)[1]
Length 44:19
39:25 (reissue)
Label N.O.S. Recordings (nos/tcg 5)
Epitaph Records (86695-2) (reissue)
Producer(s) Chad Bamford, Patrick Wilson, and Atom Willard
The Special Goodness chronology
At Some Point, Birds and Flowers Became Interesting
Land Air Sea

Land Air Sea is the third studio album by The Special Goodness.


Land Air Sea was initially released on N.O.S. Recordings in 2003 and later remastered and reissued on Epitaph Records in 2004. Due to the by-now cemented lineup and refined material, Patrick Wilson considers Land Air Sea to be the band's "first true release", despite it being the third official release under the Special Goodness name. "Pay No Mind" and "Pardon Me" originally appeared on The Special Goodness in 1998, with "You Know I'd Like...", "Life Goes By", and "Whatever's Going On" originally appearing on At Some Point, Birds And Flowers Became Interesting in 2001.


"Skyline" cover variant
"Farmland" cover variant
"City Lights" cover variant

Land Air Sea was originally released on March 4, 2003 on N.O.S. Recordings. The original N.O.S. version was released with three different cover artworks, officially titled the "Skyline", "Farmland", and "City Lights" variants[2]. Due to this, the original N.O.S. release has no true single cover art. A reissued edition of Land Air Sea was released on Epitaph Records on January 20, 2004[1]. This version featured a new track order, remixed and remastered songs, and the omission of the untitled hidden track included in the first release.


"Life Goes By" was released as a single in conjunction with the original N.O.S. release, while "N.F.A." was released as a single in conjunction with the Epitaph reissue. Music videos were created for both songs, with only "Life Goes By" receiving a proper retail CD single.

Track listing

2003 N.O.S. Recordings release
No. Title Length
1. "Pardon Me"   3:57
2. "Life Goes By"   2:44
3. "Day in the Autumn"   3:31
4. "N.F.A."   4:34
5. "Oops"   3:02
6. "Inside Your Heart"   2:50
7. "Pay No Mind"   3:13
8. "Whatever's Going On"   3:29
9. "In the Sun"   3:07
10. "Move It Along"   3:02
11. "The Big Idea"   3:10
12. "You Know I'd Like..." (includes untitled hidden track) 7:46
Total length:

Track 12 contains an additional untitled hidden track proceeded by two minutes of silence.

2004 Epitaph Recordings release
No. Title Length
1. "You Know I'd Like..."   3:29
2. "Life Goes By"   2:46
3. "Day in the Autumn"   3:34
4. "N.F.A."   4:29
5. "Oops"   3:00
6. "The Big Idea"   3:01
7. "Whatever's Going On"   3:26
8. "In the Sun"   3:08
9. "Pardon Me"   3:07
10. "Inside Your Heart"   2:47
11. "Move It Along"   3:03
12. "Pay No Mind"   3:12
Total length:



*indicates that the credit is only present on the 2004 Epitaph Recordings release.

Enhanced CD contents

The 2004 reissue of Land Air Sea contained additional bonus content on the album's CD, which could be accessed if loaded into a computer. The disc contains a text file, two videos, and 50 photos.


A file titled "hello.txt" contains a message from Pat regarding the enhanced contents of the CD.

these are the bigger images from the cd artwork, we thought it would be cool to have them included on the disk. they don't really have any significance other than i like them and this is what our world looked like while working on the songs. next time we'll have more stuff!


The music video for "Life Goes By" and a live performance of "N.F.A." are included under the filenames "life_goes_by.mpeg" and "nfa.mpeg" respectively.


A collection of photos (mostly those used in the artwork of Land Air Sea) are included in a folder titled "Photos".

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