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N.O.S. Recordings logo on the Land Air Sea (2003) disc.

N.O.S. Recordings was a vanity record label used by Pat Wilson and Atom Willard for releasing music by their band The Special Goodness in the early 2000s.


Releases under N.O.S. Recordings include the original 2003 and remastered 2004 releases of the band's third album Land Air Sea (in conjunction with The Control Group and Epitaph respectively), as well as the CD single release "Life Goes By". Future releases, including the fourth Special Goodness album Natural and the 2022 vinyl re-release of Land Air Sea, were not released under the label.

The label was managed by Scott Parker,[1] who is credited as an executive producer of Land Air Sea. In an issue of the music publication CMJ New Music Report, it is stated that N.O.S. Recordings was the creation of record executive Nabil Ayers,[2] who is also the head of The Control Group (the independent label which co-released the 2003 version of Land Air Sea alongside N.O.S. Recordings). In an email correspondence with TCG, it is indicated that N.O.S. existed solely for Special Goodness releases; to quote: "it was just something they made for that release [Land Air Sea] - not a real label… I think".[3] Contact details on the band's website informed that the label was based in the neighborhood of Van Nuys, California, and could have been contacted at the (now-defunct) E-mail address "nos@socal.rr.com".[1]

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